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Launched in 2003, Horizons is a community leadership program aimed at reducing poverty in rural communities.  The program's goals were to help communities understand poverty and commit to creating positive, lasting change.  In 2009 Belt embraced the Horizon program's opportunities.  The community identified several important needs including lack of communication sources with in the community, weatherization of the senior citizens center, lack of a wellness center, and requirements at the community swimming pool and Boys and Girls Club.

Many community members assisted in implementing the Horizon's program in Belt.  The Vision to Action grants awarded to the community through the Horizons Program, along with in-Kind contributions and many hours donated by volunteers, allowed Belt to accomplish the following:

1. Improve community communications by building an information kiosk (between the LV Jackson Insurance agency and the Belt School sign) and launching this community website.

2. Replace the windows in Belt's Senior Center.

3. Secure a Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation for Healthy Montanans Grant to create a community wellness center, which 40-50 people use on a weekly basis.

4. Purchase additional equipment for the wellness center. 

5. Build a storage shed and storage bins for the Boys and Girls Club of Belt.

6. Place diaper changing stations at the Belt Community Swimming Pool.

7. Purchase a canopy for community events.

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